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  Gaze Tracking  
  These images are examples of how tracks of eye movements can be overlayed on the simulation interface. Images are presented from both RVHT applications and maintenance and Signal operations training systems.  
Just-Talk original composite
Virtual Pediatric Standardized Patient original composite
ANGSC52A Standby Power Supply DC AMP original composite
ANTRC173B GRC-103 Radio Analog Meter original composite
BSN Shelter Control Panel AC Voltmeter original composite
  What can be inferred from these composite images depends on the application. Fixations on objects in the scene, or on text, can be informative of the user's focus of attention. Rapid movements about the scene (color represents speed of eye movement) can indicate seeking, and ‘extensive’ seeking (however defined) might suggest remediation.  


This material is based on work supported by a number of agencies.